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      The Vézère Valley includes some of the most interesting and famous prehistoric sites in the world, all are located within a radius of 50 kilometers. Fifteen of these sites are listed as World Heritage Sites (WHS) by UNESCO. The 400,000 years of human occupation in the area make it one of the cradles of European civilization!
      As an introduction to Prehistory, enjoy a guided tour to the National Museum of Prehistory. More than 18,000 pieces are on display on a surface of nearly 1,500 square meters in an entirely new museum, opened in 2004. Explore with your guide the Human evolution, from the world famous Australopithecus Afarensis biped ‘Lucy’ to the Homo Sapiens Sapiens, our ancestors; admire the various flint stones discovered along with portable art, weapons, burial tombs with skeleton of Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon.
      Continue with a guided tour of some of the real prehistoric sites still open to the public: Font de Gaume, known for its polychromic wall-paintings, Combarelles for its engravings and the shelter of Cap Blanc, with life-size horses. All these art works go back to more than 17,000 years!

      Then, step into the brand new and amazing International Center of Parietal Art, ‘Lascaux IV’ (opened in December 2016) where you will discover the almost entire replica of the Lascaux cave, that houses incredible polychrome paintings and engravings from the Paleolithic period. The Lascaux cave was discovered in September 1940 by 4 teenagers.
      The new technology and latest researches will give you a new approach of the world famous Prehistoric cave of Lascaux dating back to 20, 000 years BP.

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      Full Day Tour: 8 hours

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      • El Valle de la vézère

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