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One day in Provence

Tours avaible from Avigon, Aix-en-Provence or Marseille

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    Pont du Gard and Arles

    The most famous Roman aqueduct, UNESCO World Heritage site is a must see in this region. To discover it, we park the car and walk for about half a mile… and all of a sudden it appears in a scenic landscape. Late morning, we will continue to visit Arles. We will visit the main sites like the Roman amphitheater, the beautifully sculpted medieval doorway of the cathedral, and of course, sites painted by Van Gogh who stayed in Arles for over a year.



    Visit the former capital of the Provence county, its beautiful avenues lined with elegant 17th and 18th century palaces, narrow streets in the medieval center, taste the famous calissons, local specialty, made fresh in many pastry shops in town... And follow the footsteps of Cézanne (visit to his studio).


    To the Mediterranean

    Marseille: it would be a great opportunity to discover Marseilles which was, in 2013, European Capital of Culture. It is in a very positive changing process. We would see the old harbor with the fish vendors, drive up to admire the panorama over the 2nd biggest town in France, see in a distance the Château d'If and many other little islands, have a walk in and around a major architectural and cultural achievement: the Mucem and Fort Saint Jean.

    • Aix - Claustro de la catedral

    • Arles arenas romanas

    • Aix - El hotel Caumont

    • Marsella

    • Marsella

    • Marsella - el MUCEM