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    See the most interesting and beautiful highlights of La Dordogne with a private and knowledgeable guide

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      Take an all-day excursion to discover one of France’s most iconic spots, the Dordogne Valley, where you will discover and enjoy some outstanding medieval castles such as Beynac or Castelnaud. Both have played an important role during French-English War (the so-called Hundred-Year War, 14th – 15th C.). Your guide will introduce you to France of the Middle Ages, with Eleanor of Aquitaine, Richard the Lionheart, Simon de Montfort and the War of the Cathars (Albigenses) and much more….

      Explore the stunning troglodyte village of La Roque-Gageac, one of the most beautiful villages of France, situated at the Dordogne River and listed as "Basin of the Dordogne" in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

      Visit the Bastide of Domme, a new town built out of scratch in the 13th C. during the French-English war. The vista from the panoramic viewpoint is breathtaking!

      End the day with a tour of the exquisitely beautiful sculptured Gardens of Marqueyssac, offering stunning topiaries and a great view over the Valley of the Dordogne. This garden provides 6 kilometers of shaded paths, edged with 150 000 boxwoods.
      The setting on top of cliffs of the Dordogne River is close to paradise and you will enjoy wonderful vistas of medieval castles standing proudly on top of the river as witnesses and guards of a tumultuous and glorious past.

      Pick Up/ Drop Off at your accommodation
      Full Day Tour: 8 hours

      • Castillo de Beynac

      • Castillo de Biron